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Do you want to become your best self? Our new online programme will help you achieve this through a mindset reset.

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  • How to develop a Mindset that is targeted and laser focussed on getting you what you want from life
  • The ability to identify bad habits that are distracting you and finding ways to replace those bad habits with good habits that will accelerate personal and professional growth in any area of your life you choose
  • Document your goals and develop a clear and concise plan of action in order to attain them
  • Harness the ability to perform at your best, by starting the day with a morning routine like never before and an evening routine that encourages rest and recuperation, ready for following day
  • A wealth of hints, tips, tricks and guidance on how to perform at the best of your ability whist maximising productivity (stop just being busy – be productive)
  • Search within for answers that will help you visualise and reach your dreams and ambitions, no matter how big they are
  • An opportunity for direct discussion with Jamie himself to help you be crystal clear on how you can attain Your Best Self!

For organisations who would like to off their staff our Your Best Self programme, we offer group discount. Please get in touch to discuss!

Here’s what our attendees have said!

It helped me sort my day's to be more structured and productive in turn this helped me with my anxiety in a big way, finding time to fit everything in seemed impossible at some points i now stick to plan most day's and everything just works, i also now have a much more positive out look

Everything just works!

I have always been self conscious and scared of our public speaking. Jamie has encouraged me to push out of my comfort zone and try new things. I would never have done some of the things I've done this last four weeks without Jaime's encouragement. Somehow he makes things I'm terrified of like going live less scary.

Jamie has encouraged me!

The programme made me come away each week feeling empowered.The classes each week were great in themselves but the one to one phone calls really helped you focus the information to your specific goals and were a really nice bonus.

Made me feel empowered

Enormous, I have morning and evening routine, I wake up early (aiming for 5am) exercise, meditate/visualise, listen to an audio book - which also keeps me on the path... I learned that I can change with persistence and consistency. I identified my fears and bad habits and working on them to minimize them and eventually remove them. Such as putting my mobile away from my reach while I work not to be distracted by social media and unnecessary chats. There are days when I beat myself up for not doing my routine especially when I am low on energy. I do not have my husband's active support in my personal development and that can pull me down sometimes. On the other hand he is not against it and he doesn't undermines it so I need to get myself released from the need to have my actions approved by others. Working on it 😉

I can change with persistence and consistency

Course Curriculum


  • Thank You

  • The E Book

  • The Habit Installer

  • Give yourself a break!

  • Morning & Evening Routine – Make them work for you!

  • Where do you need to focus most?

  • The Daily Power List

  • Personal Development

  • Gratitude 1

  • Visualisation

  • Goal Card

  • Smile


  • Mindset Coaching Call

3. MODULE 1 - Prosperity Mindset

  • Welcome

  • Let your imagination go wild!

  • Your personal wants

  • Your professional wants

  • Goal cards

  • Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul

  • Icebreaker

  • The impact of stress

  • Time block plan

4. MODULE 2 - The Infinite Mind

  • Let’s get to work 1

  • Let’s get to work 2

  • Let’s get to work 3

  • Let’s get to work 4

  • The next chapter

  • Gratitude

  • Your results. Where are you now?

  • Paradigms

  • Paradigm shift

  • Thoughts become things

  • I can. I will.

5. MODULE 3 - Real Goal Setting

  • Where you’re taking things

  • Think way beyond

  • Who inspires you?

  • Easy as A,B,C

  • Process, Performance, Outcome

6. MODULE 4 - Developing Your Habits

  • Time up! Sit down!

  • Things you’re good at

  • Fixed Vs Growth Mindset 1

  • Fixed Vs Growth Mindset 2

  • Reflect. Have you grown?

  • 10 X Your Best Self Part 1

  • 10 X Your Best Self Part 2

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