Have you ever lost hour of sleep each week thinking, over-thinking about what you have to do the next day?  Have you ever lost sleep worrying that tomorrow is going to be too much as you have to drop the kids to school, get to a meeting at 9am, respond to 54 emails, return 10 phone calls, submit a report, meet your boss, finalise the agenda for tomorrows meeting, think about what is for dinner, fit in your exercise, remember to eat, remember to stay hydrated……

Did you also know that some say that 10 minutes if planning the night before the following day could save you up to 100 executing each action the day after.  Can you imagine how many minutes a day, week, month or year you could save and redirect your efforts into YOU!! Into leading a lifestyle that you feel incredible because you exercise daily, eat the right stuff, drink the right amount of fluids, have the time not only to do some form of personal development but actually enjoy it, and having the energy, drive and gusto to smash the ugliest tasks you have to complete each day!!

If this was the case, would you sleep better?  Would you communicate with your loved ones better?  Would you smile more?  Would you just be that person you used to be?

“For every minute organising, an hour is earned!” Anonymous

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