Education – Students, Parents and Staff

By creating a Growth Mindset culture in schools, community and sport, we are committed to helping everyone reach their full potential.


Pupil Workshops

Our pupil workshops introduce the theory of mindset in a fun and interactive way, bringing to life where our beliefs come from, how they form our mindsets and how we and others can change our mindsets.

The workshop explores the importance of effort, how mistakes help you learn, how to use setbacks as motivation, and the importance of curiosity and courage. This workshop gives practical tips and suggestions to help your pupils to develop a growth mindset and to improve their bounebackabililty.


Parent Workshops

These workshop are empowering and supportive for parents to support their child’s learning.  Workshops range from introductory sessions to parent coaching to build capacity and empower parents to lead on parent councils and afterschool clubs.


Staff Workshops

We provide a wide range of in service and twilight training for staff.  We introduce staff to mindset theory and how it impacts in learning and teaching.  We explore how to develop pedagogy in early years, primary and secondary settings, whilst also providing how this can support pupils with additional support needs.

We can provide twilight sessions, half day and full day In service training based on your requirements.


Embedding Mindset in Practice

This workshop goes beyond the theory of Growth Mindset from the initial workshop and provides an insight into methods and techniques to embed Growth Mindset in Practice.

Delegates will explore the links between mindset and your core business, the links between mindset, improvement and performance, before looking at how mindset links to coaching and leadership.

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